20 Seconds

Rooted! As my Euro teammates would say. In context, “Dude- that race was so (expletive hard) I’m so rooted”.  Rooted was pretty much exactly how I felt after Air Force Classic.  It was the week after Philadelphia Classic, and I really had no idea how much longer I could hold the momentum.  Thankfully I had … More 20 Seconds

Perfectly Arkansas

Once Redlands finished, we headed home and got one week of training in before we headed back out to Arkansas for the UCI Joe Martin Stage race. It’s a 4 day race in Fayetteville, that goes through the Northwest corner of the state.  My leg started to feel a lot better after resting for a few … More Perfectly Arkansas

1.5 Legs

There’s always a point in an endurance athlete’s career when they reach a pinnacle of fitness, one higher than they’ve ever reached before.  Each workout you start pushing new boundaries, and you can’t wait for the first race.  Then, it hits you like a ton of bricks.  What’s that annoying pain in my thigh?  Hmmm. … More 1.5 Legs

When it pours there’s a race for the Rainbow.

2015 is a wrap; and it ended way differently than I would have expected.  Joe Martin was my last post, since then- I’ve broken 3 bones, been in countless of states, and raced in a World Championships. I’m still trying to piece together the whole broken bones issue. Literally. The first one came at Winston Salem … More When it pours there’s a race for the Rainbow.