15 things I learned in 2014

2014 was pretty awesome. It was a fun year and I met a lot of new and exciting people. I raced NRC for the first time this year, and experienced the US professional circuit via guest riding. During this time, I won my first KOM jersey in a UCI race, and podiumed an NCC race. […]

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What a crazy ride that was

Sitting here, sniffling from being sick- tired, and trying to figure out why the coffee doesn’t give me a buzz like it used to (so dramatic).  I am debating going for a second cup of Bulletproof (the butter coffee), but I have a strict one cup per day rule.  Maybe it’s because I want to […]

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A culmination of things

Originally I had started an entry about Turkey Hill and the crash in the cat 3/4 race- going into detail about some suggestions on the matter. But I decided to stay away from my opinions and stick to just race updates.  Because you know what they say about opinions!!! Turkey Hill Road Race This is […]

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Joe Martin Stage Race

Joe Martin Stage Race Joe Martin was a total last minute decision which I made the week of the race.  My coach figured my fitness would be good coming off of Redlands because it was essentially 5 hard days of motor pacing.  While a bit hesitant, I didn’t know if I was mentally prepared for […]

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Redlands Bicycle Classic

A lot of close friends have been asking me about a race write up (and by a lot I mean like 3)- so to appease the masses I figured I would start up a blog and see if I keep it up. So apparently Redlands Classic is a pretty big deal for Cali boys- and […]

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