Redland’s Bicycle Classic 2015

After San Dimas, some of us headed to Thousand Oaks California, to train at our teammate Peters, Uncle’s House. We were there for about a week before Redlands, so we each had time to get back into the swing of training and race preparation. After talking with my coach, the plan was for me to […]

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San Dimas Stage Race

It’s Monday, and we just finished San Dimas stage race weekend.  After camp, the team split up and headed to our respective races.  The crit team plus Clay went to the Sunny King crit in Alabama, and the rest of us came out to Cali for San Dimas. Clay broke his arm in last year’s […]

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2015 Astellas Team Camp

Management decided to hold our 2015 team camp down in Davenport Florida to coincide with the Tampa NCC crit. It would be one of the few times where the whole crit squad would be in the same place as the stage race squad. On Wednesday before my flight out, Andrew our director sent a text […]

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Faults in our Strengths

Talking to my coach last night, he asked me about the dynamic of collegiate running, which got me thinking about what I’ve been doing differently in my transition to cycling that maybe I didn’t do when I was in college. Or what I could be doing better today, that I was much better with in college. […]

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15 things I learned in 2014

2014 was pretty awesome. It was a fun year and I met a lot of new and exciting people. I raced NRC for the first time this year, and experienced the US professional circuit via guest riding. During this time, I won my first KOM jersey in a UCI race, and podiumed an NCC race. […]

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What a crazy ride that was

Sitting here, sniffling from being sick- tired, and trying to figure out why the coffee doesn’t give me a buzz like it used to (so dramatic).  I am debating going for a second cup of Bulletproof (the butter coffee), but I have a strict one cup per day rule.  Maybe it’s because I want to […]

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A culmination of things

Originally I had started an entry about Turkey Hill and the crash in the cat 3/4 race- going into detail about some suggestions on the matter. But I decided to stay away from my opinions and stick to just race updates.  Because you know what they say about opinions!!! Turkey Hill Road Race This is […]

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Joe Martin Stage Race

Joe Martin Stage Race Joe Martin was a total last minute decision which I made the week of the race.  My coach figured my fitness would be good coming off of Redlands because it was essentially 5 hard days of motor pacing.  While a bit hesitant, I didn’t know if I was mentally prepared for […]

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Redlands Bicycle Classic

A lot of close friends have been asking me about a race write up (and by a lot I mean like 3)- so to appease the masses I figured I would start up a blog and see if I keep it up. So apparently Redlands Classic is a pretty big deal for Cali boys- and […]

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