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In 2007 I attended Shippensburg University with the goal of becoming an entrepreneur.  Alongside of entrepreneurship, I took up a minor in coaching.  During this time, I ran cross country and track at Shippensburg University.  I learned valuable lessons in the importance of hard work, dedication, and the keys to being a successful student athlete.  I graduated with my degrees, finished my masters, and went out into the real world. But my real world never came….Fast forward past my running injuries, and transition into the professional cycling scene.  At first I was overwhelmed, but I was guided the right way by the right people. I’ve made mistakes, and I’ve learned a lot.

All too often coaches say they have the keys to success; someone can just make a cool logo, and call themselves qualified.   Well that isn’t what I am trying to do here. I’m trying to offer an athlete to athlete coaching experience.  So what does that mean?  I understand power and the correct training concepts, but I am not the genius coach who overwhelms you with data. I understand training, but I’m not creating my own breakthrough training philosophies.  I understand cardiac drift and fatigue levels but I’m not going to try and impress you with big physiological training words.  So what do I offer then?

I get it, just because I can ride my bike fast, doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a coach.  But…I would say, that based on my experiences of being an endurance athlete since I was 12, receiving a degree in the world of coaching, and making it on the professional scene in less than 3 years; I do have the opportunity to offer something to the right client.

So, who is the right client?

Aspiring Pros- or Cat 1’s

I want to help bring motivated individuals to the right level.  I want to help them make the gains they deep down know they can achieve.  There’s an extremely convoluted scene within professional cycling. If it’s your dream to make it there, I want to help you take the right steps to do so.


Juniors are young and impressionable. Trying to find their way in a wild and wonderful sport.  But they mostly rely on their parents or mentors to help them achieve their dreams.  I want to keep cycling fun, while helping develop these riders into the best athletes they can be.  Sometimes it’s not all about the bike, but rather keeping the perspective, while providing guidance into the ins and outs of being a dedicated athlete.


Alongside of the training aspect, I can offer a fresh perspective on the sport.  I can help with tactics, habits, and answer any other questions you may have.  Masters are some of the strongest racers out there, but sometimes they recognize that they’re trapped in their ways and are looking for a fresh light.

Cat 2-5

Tactics, Tactics, Tactics.  That is where we start. The power and correct training is important, but learning how and why you’re racing your bike, is just as important, if not more so.  I can provide the right type of training and perspective you need, along with the right tactics to get you to the next level.

Contact Me

So if you’ve found yourself here, and want to take the next step.  

Email me at to get pricing and started.


Bronze Plan -$100

Monthly Training plan emailed out each month

Gold Plan -$150

-Weekly TrainingPeaks Update-

-Monthly phone call-


-Strength plan-

*Training peaks premium can be added for $9 a month- $159 total


Platinum Plan-$200

-Weekly TrainingPeaks Update-

-Monthly phone call-


-Strength plan-

-Power Analysis-

-Race Planning-

-Free Indoor Power Tests-

-Free training peaks Premium-



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